About Us

  Zenmark Machinery Components is an ISO 9001:2000 Company, Certified by QUEST CERTIFICATION. We have been in CNC Machine Operations and Manufacture of Components, sub assemblies and etc., since 2003. We are committed to satisfying customers expectations through continuous technological up gradation, quality management, team work and employees motivation. The core of Zenmark is dedicated work force consisting of trained and skilled employees. Our teams of qualified and trained engineers manage the key areas of planning, production, quality assurance, and maintenance in alignment with our company objective. CNC machined precision components used for automobiles, textile machines and other general engineering components.  
ZENMARK is equipped with state-of- the-art infrastructure For accurate measurement requirements, ZENMARK is also fully
equipped with
CNC Turning Centres
Machining Centres
Grinding Machine
Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine
2D Height Master
Profile Projector
Surface Roughness Tester
Pneumatic Gauges
  and a host of other required Gauges and Instruments.



CNC machined precision components used for Pumps, Valves, textile, automobiles and other general engineering components.
We undertake the parts for machining and manufacturing from
Drawn bars of all type of general steels, stainless steels, aluminum, brass etc.
Casting of steel, stainless steel, grey iron, ductile iron, non ferrous and special alloys.
Forgings of all type of steels, nonferrous like aluminum, brass, copper ete.
Investment casting of steels and stainless steels.
CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Drilling, Tapping, Boring, Griding, etc.,
Our association with foundry and patternshop. .
Our associated concern is involved in manufacturing Aluminium pressure die casting components.


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